Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do I get a Living Talent Code?
A1. You can purchase a living talent code by simply clicking here to get a code to understand your Advantage.

Q2.Once I purchase the Living Talent Code how do I get registered to complete the Living Talent assessment?
A2. After purchase you simple visit the registration page and complete the form to gain access to the system

Q3. While taking the assessment should I think through each question carefully before I answer them?
A3. It is strongly suggested that you generally answer each question with your first response or thought over thinking to deeply into each question. This will allow your subconscious to be the guide giving the most true answer.

Q4. When complete with my assessment how can I get a copy of the Living Talent results?
A4. There are multiple ways to obtain a copy of your assessment. Once complete you will be presented with options to print your assessment, email your assessment, or you can simply view your assessment results through the Living Talent Portal. If you run into an issue getting your results to contact our customer service department and we will assist you in getting a copy of your report.

Q5. What is the purpose of the Living Talent Assessment Results?
A5. To help you be more clear about your Advantage

Q6. What is the benefit of understanding your Advantage?
A6. It allows you yo spend more of your day doing what you have an Advantage of doing.

Q7. Why are my Drive and kNowledge important?
A7. Your Drive is how you feel. Your kNowledge is how you think and communicate. They will either sabotage your Advantage or MAXIMIZE it.